Meeting Minutes

Date: June 11, 2023

Location: Lions Club Algonac

President Randy Kling Present
Vice-President Kody Orbitz Present
Treasurer Craig Woodhouse Present
Recording Sec Open
Membership Sec Tim Sittaro Absent
DNR John Darling Present
CWAC Ken Martin Absent
Merch coordinator Sharon Shippell Present

  • Past Meeting minutes read and approved

  • Treasurer’s Report: Read by Craig Woodhouse Reviewed disbursements and received funds. Moved some monies into a CD and Money Market account to take advantage of higher interest rates. Report approved.

  • Membership Secretary Report: Read by Tim Sittaro – No report given Absent

  • C.W.A.C. Report: Read by Ken Martin – None-Absent

  • D.N.R. Report: Read by John Darling

    • New Waterfowl survey went out this year. Will be going to all that hunted last season. Part of the tm year master plan. Many received and completed surveys. Some glitches at first but all is going well.

    • DNR in need of a new fertilizer spreader, cost is approximately $35,000. Voted and approved. John looked into liquid fertilizer instead of granular, but our soil is too sandy and liquid will not remain in soil long enough to do any good. Would still need granular. and the people at the elevator said it would not work. Will stay with what we have. Our combine also needs many filters and oil changed, many filters not changed since purchase. Need to plan for a five year maintenance schedule and funds for the combine. Approved $1,500 for maintenance. The Grain truck is being worked on by the state, rust fixing, general maintenance etc. New tires and rims are being purchased by the state, up to $5,000. Club was asked for up to $1,8000 to complete, if not covered by the state. Approved. Will be needing up to $3,500 for repair on the eight row planter, packing wheels not working properly and other maintenance. This has been tabled until the next meeting.

    • All the corn planted and went smoothly this year. Waiting for rain as conditions are dry. Flags and roping are all up. Put tin plates on the scare the wildlife, unfortunately this did not work as they all ripped off and were blowing all over the fields. Zones 30 and 18 have shown signs that the flags are working.

    • Banding geese will be starting after June 20th. Again this year, no volunteers are allowed to help due to Avian flu. AF has not shown to be a real problem this year. No local outbreaks. Frank suggested a barrel to put empty shells in as they are all over the fields. any removal will be beneficial. Randy suggested a barrel in the two main parking lots for this and trash. Maybe keep some of the trash out of the fields. This would be for during the hunting season only, as too many problems if left out all year. John was willing to try it. Solar light will be tried in the west parking lot. State will cover the cost. New dike will be completed on time this summer along with other gate fixes. The boat pullovers at 15-17 and 28-30 will be cut down this year. Also 18 pullover will be moved for better alignment.

    • The permits for the drone are continuing and John is being certified to fly it.

  • Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: August 27, 2023