Meeting Minutes

Date: August 27, 2023

Location: Harsens Island DNR Office

President Randy Kling Present
Vice-President Kody Orbitz Absent
Treasurer Craig Woodhouse Present
Recording Sec Open
Membership Sec Tim Sittaro Absent
DNR John Darling Present
CWAC Ken Martin Present
Merch coordinator Sharon Shippell Present

  • Past Meeting minutes read and approved

  • Treasurer’s Report: Reviewed disbursement and received funds. Report approved.

  • Membership Secretary Report: Read by Tim Sittaro – No report given Absent

  • C.W.A.C. Report: No meeting, nothing new to report from CWAC

  • Sharon Shippell reported that she had many small/medium shirts that were not selling and would like to donate to the youth hunt this year. Discussed and approved to donate small/medium t-shirts to the youth hunt giveaway this year. Offering discounted clearance items to members first after the meeting then will sell at next week’s event on the island. Sharon will then decide what to order for this year. DNR will sell hats at the draw shack this year. We may set up on the weekends.

  • D.N.R. Report: Read by John Darling

    • Purchased new fertilizer spreader, still at dealer getting a couple of custom items attached. Cost was a little less than expected. Will turn in the old spreader when we receive a new one, so additional money will be added.

    • Combine tuned up and checked out and is all set for this year.

    • New dike is in, but the tube is not yet. Delayed due to all the rain, Will be completed soon. Will help balance water in the two zones. Also the pull overs at 15-16 and 28-29-30 will be cut down to make it easier.

    • New drone was purchased by St Clair Flats. John is being certified to fly the drone and will be mainly used for phrag and weed control.

    • John asked for $700 (a little less) for I-beams and pvc for new pullovers. Approved.

    • The office, and all other managed areas, will be closing at 1PM daily instead of last year’s hours, due to non career hours cut back from Lansing. Draws will be the same as last year.

    • First two weekends will be pre permits only, 35 each draw.

    • Corn looking real good, best since 2016, due to weather. Millet and buckwheat are good, a couple of buckwheat fields hurt by excessive rain.

    • Draw shack updated, new painted floor and walls fixed up.

    • Goose flagging helped a lot this year. 26-27 hit the hardest due to proximity to the marsh.

  • Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: January 28, 2024